ISSUE four

flash fiction, poetry, and any other writ
can go into the weekly lit dot cat
One of them deemed the hypocrite
consumed in the winning strat

The is an online literary magazine that keeps each issue within a single, scrollable page at a reading length under half an hour. This week's issue features the long.est. fart, a bellowing foghorn shout, and Donald Trump's shame. It also features the current general perception of terrorists, five micro-stories in between submissions, and another quiz at the end of the issue. It will take 26 minutes and 47 seconds to read in its entirety, which would have been better spent on a heartfelt phone call to your mother. Just sayin'.

This issue is probably not safe for work. 
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The room emptied and we were left alone. In love. I’m still in therapy, I said. She touched his hand. I can make you worse, she promised.